My Favorite Sites

*Please note these are referrals to apps/sites I use. I will receive some type of compensation for referrals via cash, gift cards or a free stock.* Keep in mind, even though you are helping me, you are also helping yourself!

Ibotta: Receive points for purchasing select items each week. There are bonuses weekly for redeeming specific offers. You can cash out at $20. Simply photograph your receipts. My referral code: e2exg

Fetch Rewards: Similar to Ibotta but you can earn points with each receipt, even if you didn’t buy certain brands. Purchasing the brands listed will earn you more though! Cash out for a variety of gift cards. This one also requires you to take photos of your receipts. My referral code: 4QPY1

Swagbucks: I have been using this for about 10 years! I don’t do a lot of the daily tasks, but I do take photos of my receipts (2 Swagbucks each) and do the daily poll. I always shop online with the Swagbucks link to earn cash back. You can also watch videos and many other things to increase your Swagbucks earnings. You can cash out Swagbucks for gift cards or Paypal! My referral info:

YouGov: This is a survey site. The points add up pretty quickly. You can cash out for a variety of gift cards. My referral info:

Robinhood: This is a site where you can purchase stocks. You get a free stock when you sign up (and so do I). My referral info:

Rare Patient Voice: This is a survey site. If you have had cancer or other diseases, this site is one for you. The surveys are not long and they pay well. I made $90 on two twenty minute surveys! My referral info:

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